Wedding marks the beginning of a completely new journey for a couple. On this auspicious occasion, both the bride and the groom exchange wedding rings. The wedding rings are symbol of unity and the bond that the two people have between each other. There are other significances of the wedding rings for women as well. Elderly people opine that the round shape of the wedding rings symbolize the unending and eternal bond and love between the couple. For a woman particularly, wedding rings have great importance as they mark the beginning of a new journey in life altogether.

Wedding rings for women passing from one generation to another

Different families have different customs related to marriages. There are many families in which the wedding rings for women are not bought from the market. Rather, they are given to the bride as a hereditary property. Mothers have passed their rings to the daughters and mother-in-laws to daughter-in-laws. There is a common custom that is seen in many places. With this tradition, the wedding rings remain in the family for long and become a cherishable and treasurable property. Infact the value of the wedding rings cannot be ascertained by monetary price but the sentiments and the emotions that are attached to it.

The evolution of the wedding rings for women

Wedding rings for women have evolved through the ages and have come to the point at which they are today. In the very old days, the wedding rings for women were made of leather or hemp and were worn on the ring finger. With time, things changed and more durable and hardy materials were used as wedding rings. Bones and ivory were used in the making of the wedding rings. When other metals like iron, copper, brass and bronze were discovered, the wedding rings were made of that as well. It was much later that silver, golden or even diamond wedding rings for women came into the picture.

Current trends in wedding rings for women

Nowadays, wedding rings for women come in varieties of styles, designs and patterns. The concept of hereditary wedding rings are also diminishing fast and most of the people buy new wedding rings for women and men from the various jewelry shops. Gold and diamond wedding rings are the most popular choices with women. Platinum rings with studded diamonds are also beginning to catch up fast in the market and your bride might demand one!